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Large scale synthesis

of specialty chemicals in excellent quality

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Hot product

Novel fluoroalkyl azide kits for medicinal chemistry and 19F NMR probing

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Large molecule bioconjugation

Bioconjugates made simpler

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Small molecule functionalisation

Simple access to a new fluorinated chemical space.

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Some of CF Plus Chemicals customers

„High purity chemicals, state of the art reagents and highly trusted vendor.
Dr. Petr Jansa, Research Scientist II, Medicinal Chemistry, Gilead Sciences Inc, CA USA

My research group has been collaborating with CF Plus Chemicals since 2015. We valued their quick and reliable deliveries of halogenated and fluorinated specialities for our studies." 
Prof. RNDr. Zbyněk Prokop, Ph.D., Loschmidt Laboratories, Masaryk Univesity Brno

We appreciated quick and reliable delivery of protein crosslinkers tailored to our research needs in MS-proteomics." 
Dr. Karl Mechtler, Head of Protein Chemistry Facility at Research Institute of Molecular Pathology (IMP), Vienna

We developed 2nd generation of Togni reagents.

We are experts in fluoroorganic chemistry and effective bioconjugation

We provide solutions for design of new drug, modern pesticides or bioconjugation of complex biomolecules towards antibody drug conjugates for immunooncology.

We are a Czech company, a spin-off ETH Zurich based in Brno, Czech Republic. Here we work on the development and production of first and second generation Togni reagents and other products for fluoroalkylation and bioconjugation for university and corporate laboratories across the globe.

About us

We work in an academic-industrial triangle

Together with our colleagues from ETH Zurich and IOCB AS CR, we developed second generation of Togni reagents as well as other innovative products. Together we form an academic-industrial triangle.

our products

We are an ETH Zurich spin-off

We have been commercialising Togni reagents developed at prestigious ETH Zürich since 2015.

about us

We have a worldwide patent license

We are the exclusive holders of the ETH Zürich patent license for the second generation of Togni reagents. We provide sublicenses for the use of the reagents in private companies.

Intellectual property

Learn more about the potential of the second generation of Togni reagents