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Your specialist in fluoroalkylation
and bioconjugation

Václav Matoušek, CEO

After graduating from the University of Chemical Technology in Prague, he worked at F. Hoffmann-La Roche,Basel, where he was involved in preparation of novel drug candidates in the medicinal chemistry research department.

From F.Hoffmann-La Roche he moved to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where he dealt with the development and application of Togni reagents during his doctoral studies. Together with Prof. Dr. Antonio Togni and Dr. Petr Beier from IOCB, he discovered a family of second generation Togni reagents - hypervalent iodine-fluoroalkyl compounds with a wide range of applications not only in the field of small molecules in medicinal chemistry and agrochemistry but also in straightforward preparation of bioconjugates of biologically relevant biomolecules, especially in the direction of antibody drug conjugates for immunooncology

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David Gergela, COO

David graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry at Tomas Bata University in Zlín. During his research work during doctoral studies he studied synthesis of functional components of supramolecular systems.

In CF Plus Chemicals he is engaged in the synthetic work and expansion of the product portfolio.

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CF Plus Chemicals has a team of scientific associates

Matúš Chvojka

Matúš deals with the use of second-generation Togni reagents in bioconjugation of biologically relevant substances.

Simona Krupčíková

Simona deals with the research and application of fluoroalkylated motives for development of new drug candidates.

Daniel Pokorný

Daniel deals with the preparation of highly selective bioconjugation reagents with the focus to applications in MS structural analysis.

Tomáš Vranka

Tomáš is dedicated to optimizing the synthesis of Togni reagents and scale-up of their preparation.

Dominik Madea

Dominik deals with the preparation of second generation of Togni reagents for fluorescence tagging of biomolecules.

Martina Šikyňová

Martina is dealing with optimalisation of the preparation of starting materials for synthesis of second generation of Togni reagents.

Martin Adamec

Miroslava Drozdová