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Company and Vision

Our mission is to make fluoroalkylation a widely used tool for effective modification of a complete scope of molecular targets, spanning from small molecules to large molecules  - unlocking full potential of drug candidates and enabling effective bioconjugation of biologically relevant entities.

In small molecule research, the company envisions to help their customer open new, hitherto unexplored chemical space in medicinal chemistry with reagents that are easy to use.

In large molecule research, the company provides their customers with solutions that exploit the unique chemical reactivity of Togni reagents to achieve effective, controlled site-selective bioconjugation of peptides, proteins and antibodies.

Our mission is to deliver, and help to deliver, better and cost-effective solutions for development of cures of devastating human diseases.

Our team

Strategic partners

Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, Czech Academy of Sciences

Since 2011, we cooperate with the Group of Dr. Petr Beier on development of new fluorinated building blocks, fluoroalkylation reagents and innovative ways how to use them in small molecule functionalisation as well as large molecule bioconjugation. Our fruitful cooperation has so far resulted in several joint publications and patents.

BIOCEV - Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University

We collaborate with the Group of Dr. Petr Novák in development of new reagents and methods for elucidation of structure of complex protein molecules. The unique methods that we developed for protein structure elucidation are taken to a next level by applying them to innate bioconjugation of complex proteins targets.