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SME Instrument – Seal of Excellence Award

October 2017

We are happy to announce that CF Plus Chemicals has been awarded an SME Instrument Phase 1 Seal of Excellence Award for its project TOG called „Industrial Production of Togni Reagents for Highly Selective and Stable Functionalisation of Biomolecules”.

Thanks to the 71 kEUR budget that is to a significant part supported by Brno City, we can further improve the technology of Togni reagents to effect highly-selective and stable functionalisation of a wide selection of different classes of biomolecules.

The Togni reagents are a group cyclic of hypervalent iodine-fluoroalkyl reagents that were developed at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich in the group of Prof. Dr. Antonio Togni in 2006. Later in 2014, a second generation of these reagents was developed and patented as a result of a joint cooperation between ETH Zurich and IOCB Prague to be later exclusively commercialized by CF Plus Chemicals.

Our efforts will be directed towards the improvements of this second generation of Togni reagents. The SME Instrument Phase 1 study will evaluate the feasibility of the industrial production of these reagents as well as provide deeper insights into their unique reactivity, allowing to uncover their full potential in industrially relevant high-tech bioconjugation applications.

We would like to express our thanks to the South Moravian Innovation Center (JIC) for their very helpful assistance with consultation of the project proposal and to Brno City for their financial support.