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Alcohol Togni-(2-Dioxolanyl-PhOCF2CF2)-reagent 

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  • IUPAC Name: 1-(2-(2-(1,3-Dioxolan-2-yl)phenoxy)-1,1,2,2-tetrafluoroethyl)-3,3-dimethyl-1,3-dihydro-1λ3-benzo[d][1,2]iodaoxole
  • Synonyms:
  • CAS: 1883744-09-9
  • Smiles: CC(OI1C(F)(F)C(OC(C=CC=C2)=C2C3OCCO3)(F)F)(C)C4=C1C=CC=C4
  • Chemical formula: C20H19F4IO4
  • Molecular weight: 526.26
  • Purity: 95%+

Alcohol Togni-(2-Dioxolanyl-PhOCF2CF2)-reagent is an electrophilic hypervalent iodine-fluoroalkyl reagent introducing the 2-dioxolonalylphenoxytetrafluoroethyl fragment. Regioisomers are also available on demand.


Legal Information:

Subject to International Patent Application #WO2016019475A1 of the ETH Zurich and Institute Of Organic Chemistry And Biochemistry Academy Of Sciences Of The Czech Republic.