About the company

First let me start who I am:

My name is Václav Matoušek and I am a Czech chemist.

Since my childhood I was fascinated by chemistry and the countless possibilities it opens in many areas around us. The next steps brought me to study chemistry in university (Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague) followed by doctoral studies (ETH Zurich). Throughout my studies, I realized that I especially like the merger of organic chemistry, applied methodology and the practical industrial approach in scaling up the reactions.

During my Ph.D. studies I was involved in examing the reactivity of hypervalent iodine-CF3 compounds as well as development of new hypervalent-iodine reagents.

Given the increasing utility and popularity of the so-called Togni-reagents in fluoroorganic chemistry, I decided to create a chemical and biochemical startup company CF Plus Chemicals with main focus on hypervalent iodine reagents and fluoroorganic chemistry.

INBIT – Biotechnology centre

INBIT – Biotechnology centre

The company is based in Brno, Czech Republic, in the lab(s) provided by the biotechnological incubator Inbit in cooperation with the South Moravian Innovation Center in Brno.

The CF Plus Chemicals company aims to offer the customers reagents for electrophilic and nucleophilic fluoroalkylation, reactions which currently find extensive use in design of drug candidates in life-sciences and advanced materials. Besides this already established arena, we aim to bring advanced functionalized reagents to biochemists as a non-conventional tools for selective and rapid bioconjugation.

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