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    Hypervalent iodine-CF3 reagents

    We have long-term experience with hypervalent iodine-CF3 reagents, also known as Togni reagents.

  • Fluoroalkylation of drug candidates

    Generate diversity by fluoroalkylation

    With our reagents, you can install CF2CF2X motives that can boost the activity of your drug and pesticide candidates.

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CF Plus Chemicals is a chemical and biochemical startup company based in biotechnological incubator INBIT provided by South Moravian Innovation Center in Brno.

Thanks to our products and services, our customers can:

  • get reagents for nucleophilic and electrophilic fluoroalkylation at competitive prices in top quality
  • design drug candidates with rare fluoroalkylated motifs
  • selectively and quickly tag/block cysteinylated biomolecules
  • benefit from our know-how and expertise in fluoroalkylation

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